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History of Kashipur


Kashipur is one of the oldest and famous city of Tarai region. Kashipur is located at 29.22N, 78.95E. It has an average elevation of 218 meters. The nearest airport is 72 Km.away at Pantnagar. Kashipur is well connected to Ramnagar, Kathgodam, Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow and Delhi by rail network. It is connected by road with all major cities. It is located at National Highway NH 74

Kashipur is city of great Historical and Religious importance. It is the only city of the state whose reference is seen in Mahabharat Period and is confirmed by Archeological Survey of India. According to the chief of Archeological Survey of India Dr.Dharaveer Sharma Kashipur was one of the developed cities of Nothern India during Chalcolithic age. There was trade of copper implements and utencils as far as Central Asia. The first Director General of Archeological Survey of India Lord Cunningham lived in Kashipur from 1861-62 and surveyed the places of historical importance. It is said that Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev, Tulsidas, Guru Gorakhnath and Dayanand Sarswati had spent some time at Drona Sagar and preached knowledge.

In the early Vedic Age Kashipur was known as Ujjaini and River Dehla was known as Swarnbhadra. But during the time of Harsha (606-647 AD) it was known as Govishan or Govisana, when Hueing Tsang (631-641 AD) visited this region. The ruins of large settlement of those days are still seen near the city. Kashipur was named after Kashi Nath Adhikari, the founder of the city and governor of the pargana, one of the officers of Chand Kings of Kumaun in 16-17 century. Cunningham in his famous book " Ancient Geography of India" gives an account of Huein Tsang. Girital, Drona sagar, Moteswar Mahadev are well known religious spots and are associated with story of Pandavas. The Chaiti Mela is the best known fair of Kashipur. To day Kashipur is an important township. It has also become the new industrial hub in India. The city is ideally suited for Industrial Park Projects. Large industrial houses as HCL,Videocon, India Glycols Limited and several other paper and sugar mills already have a presence in the region. In autumn one can see snowclad peaks of Trishul and its surrounding mountains.

A Very Rich Fascinating Bird Fauna is Found in The Region

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Places of Tourist, Religious and Historical Importance:

1. Shree Bheem Shankar (Moteswar ) Mahadev Temple--Shree Moteswar Mahadev also known as Bhim Shankar Mahadev is an abode of Lord Shiva in Kashipur. This place was known as Dakini State in ancient days. Shree Bheem Shankar Mahadev is considered as one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva.

2. Maa Bal Sundari Mandir: It is also known as Chaiti Mandir. It is one of the most famous temple of Kashipur. During Navratras in March grand fair is held every year. The fair draws lakhs of pilgrims and devotees from far flung areas. The temple has a simple structure with a central dome housing the idol of Devi Bal Sundari. The structure of temple resembles the mosque which may be due to its construction during Mughal period. There are many trees in the temple premises, like Vat, Peepal and Sahtoot including a partially burnt Kadamb tree.

3. Drona Sagar: Drona Sagar is beleived to be associated with Guru Dronacharya a teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata. Many beleive that Drona Sagar was created by Pandavas as a guru dakshina for Dronacharya. The Skand Puran states that the water of Drona Sagar is as holy as that of Ganges. At present a huge pond with lotus flowers is situated here. The pond is surrounded by temples of various deties. Earlier there were 32 temples around the periphery of this pond. Near Drona Sagar there is Govishan Teela. It is said that this used to be the capital of Guru Dronacharya. It is also said to be the birth place of famous character Asvasthama from Mahabharata. In the excavation of 1971 by ASI a temple of 6th century was found and an idol of asthdhatu of Tri Vikram is protecteMuseum at Delhi. Again in the excavation carried out by ASI in 2003 ruins of four civilization have been found. In the excavation carried out at Chaiti Chauraha a broken Stupa is also found. It is beleived that here Lord Buddha preached people Dhamma. According to Buddhist the nails and hair of Lord Buddha are kept here. The excavated site at Drona Sagar is now protected by Archeological Survey of India.

Other Important Places of Tourist Interest in Kashipur are:

Gurudwara Nankana Sahib- It is said that Guru Nanak dev Ji stayed here.

Nagnath Madir

Radha Krishna Temple



Original Poem of Pt. Gumani about Kashipur

"कथावाले सस्ते फिरत धर पोथ€ बगल ®ें.
लई थैल€ गोल€ घर घर हक€®€ सब करें ..
रंग€ला सा पत्र कर धरत जोश€ सब बने.
अजब देखा काश€पुर शहर सारे जगत ®ें..
जहां पूर€ गर®ा-गर®,तरकार€ चटपट€.
दह€ बूरा दोने भर भर भले ब्राह®£ छकें..
छह न्योतेवारे सुनकर अत् ारे बढ गए.
अजब देखा काश€पुर शहर सारे जगत ®ें..
जहां धेला नद€ दिग़ रहत ®ेला दिन छिपे.
जहां पट्ट€ पातुर झलकत पर€ स€ ®हल ®ें..
तले  ोकर खाते फिरत सब गलिन ®ें
अजब देखा काश€पुर शहर सारे जगत ®ें..
कड़€ जसपुर पट्ट€ फिरकर कद€ तो चिलकिया.
कद€ घर ®ें सोते भर नयन भोरे उ  चले..
सभ€ टाट लादें बनज रुजगार€ सब बनें.

अजब देखा काश€पुर शहर सारे जगत ®ें.




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